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VIP Stored Value Cards For Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs, and Hotels

Fast Merchant Advance has created a VIP stored value card program specifically geared towards the service industry. A fantastic way to retain clientele, generate new clientele, marketing your business, and generate instant working capital. With this stored value card program, we provide the software, all of the marketing material/collateral materials, and all training and support needed to help launch. Fast Merchant Advance will custom design these VIP stored value cards with a merchant’s logo, or any artwork they desire. The cards are then professionally printed on card stock, with a high gloss finish to make them look very professional. Everyone loves to feel like a VIP, and this is the best way to achieve this.

An example of a VIP Store Value Card program for a nightclub could be as follows:

The program consists of 3 levels. Silver, Gold and Platinum status. Each status carries its own special rewards.

The levels are as follows:

Silver Level VIP – This stored value card costs the customer $500.00, and includes no waiting in any lines, and 1 private, VIP party per year. The customer will receive $600.00 in value on the card. Pay $500, get $600 along with those special rewards.

Gold Level VIP – This card costs the customer $1,000.00 and includes all the silver perks, PLUS a special GOLD VIP party as well. The GOLD VIP members can also attend the SILVER VIP party and receive ½ off the cover charge. $1,000.00 will buy the customer $1,200.00 in value.

Platinum Level VIP – This is the “Donald Trump” of VIP cards. This card will cost the customer $1,500.00, but they will receive $1,750 worth of value on the card, all the aforementioned perks, PLUS attendance at all three VIP parties each year with no cover charge at all.

Not only will the cardholder get an immediate savings with the added value, but gain access to special privileges and perks. For the merchant, it is instantaneous working capital, with 5 – 7% breakage built in. "Breakage" is money that is loaded on a card, but never redeemed aka FREE MONEY. Perks for the merchant include:

  • No cash back refunds on cards purchased
  • Electronic real-time online reporting on all current circulating cards, and their usage reports
  • Immediate working capital
  • Retaining current clientele, and gaining new clientele
  • Free Training and 24/7 Support

So, how does this really work? Meet Dave………………

Dave has just opened a new nightclub in the heart of downtown. Considering the young demographic of the city, he expects his nightclub is going to do very well, and take off very fast. However, Dave did not anticipate, nor prepare for all the opening costs that he is facing. He has realized that after all his opening expenses, permits, and overage costs, he has completely depleted his funds, and needs access to cash fast to launch a city wide marketing campaign. Normally, when a merchant is in need of fast working capital, they can come to Fast Merchant Advance, and receive a working capital advance based on future credit card sales. However, they must be in business for at least six months before they qualify for our traditional cash advance program. The Fast Merchant Advance VIP Store Value program is exactly what he needs, and fits his needs like a glove. Fast Merchant Advance can have this program installed and running with 10 business days, cards printed, delivered, and software installed. Not only does this greatly help his marketing efforts, but also gives him fast access to working capital. If Dave simply sells 50 silver, 25 gold, and 10 platinum cards, he has $65,000.00 in working capital! This will not only cover his marketing costs, but also serve as general working capital should an unexpected expense arise in the initial stages of his business. His new patrons are also happy, because not only are they now VIP’s, but also received immediate free dollars to be redeemed at his club. Considering the mark up most restaurants, night clubs, and bars have in regards to food and alcohol, his investment into each card is virtually nothing.

Dave’s story can easily be emulated to fit any restaurant, bar, nightclub, or hotel. Please contact us today to find out more information, and speak with a representative who can help put this type of program together for YOUR business. Please visit our website, or call us today at 1-800-582-4953!

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