The Advantageous Appeal of Alternative Business Loans

Today a very successful business owner from Key West Florida worked with us to get a cash infusion for his business to help bridge him for the next two weeks until the Holidays hit and the Cruise season starts. The Owner has an internationally … [Read more]

Credit Card Processing Loans Helping Businesses Succeed

This has been a great month for Fast Merchant Advance in helping many merchants secure loans against their credit card processing. Some notable accounts we have helped support include: A new restaurant in New Mexico that needed $50,000 to complete … [Read more]

Reasons To Choose Fast Merchant Advance as Your Merchant Cash Advance Provider

Why does it seem like lately there are hundreds of Merchant Cash Advance companies in business? For example, try this right now, do a GOOGLE search using the term "Merchant Loans" and you will see what I mean. When Fasts Merchant Advance first … [Read more]

Merchant Cash Advance, an alternative to Small Business Loans

Small business owners have been complaining about how challenging it is to secure a small business loan from a Bank for the past 4 years. The Government provided lots of cash infusions to help the crippled economy but not much of that stimulus has … [Read more]

Working Capital for Merchants Looking To Hire More Employees

In the service and retail industry, employees are the backbone of a business. Hiring the right staff to keep the business alive is a not a cheap expense. As a business grows, more employees are needed to continue to ensure the business operates … [Read more]

I Own A Restaurant, Can I Receive Merchant Funding?

Like any other business, restaurants have many side projects, expansions, marketing costs, and/or unexpected costs in running the business.  As such a restaurant can get a merchant funding otherwise known as a merchant cash advance. For example, … [Read more]

What Is A Merchant Cash Advance? A Simple Explanation.

A common question amongst business owners looking to secure financing for their business is: "What is a merchant cash advance?". Consider this example: The main dispensing machine in a frozen yogurt shop stops working. The business owner calls for … [Read more]

Need a Business Line of Credit? Apply for a Merchant Cash Advance.

Recently, credit lines have been drastically cut, directly affecting small businesses. Once a small business may have had a $100,000 line of credit, now they may only have $50,000. This has caused a strain for a plethora of entrepreneurs, making it … [Read more]

Why You Should Use A Merchant Cash Advance?

More and more business owners are seeking alternate funding sources in 2023 since the banks are still making it challenging for business owners to secure traditional loans or working capital. Alternate funding sources are more likely to approve a … [Read more]

The 411 on Merchant Cash Advances

If you find yourself in the position of needing money for your business, one of the best and fastest options to get a cash advance for business is to apply for a merchant cash advance. What is a Merchant Cash Advance? A merchant cash advance works … [Read more]

Advantages of a Merchant Cash Advance Over a Bank Loan

Odds are if you have less than good credit, most financial institutions will deny or decline a small business loan. The good news is that this isn’t your only resort. With a merchant cash advance, small business can get the working capital they need … [Read more]

New Orleans is swinging again. Merchant Cash Advances and Gift Card Programs Available

It's been several years since the disaster in New Orleans occurred. It was hard to believe (then) that the city would ever regain it’s flavor, and become a viable place to live, visit, and play. That day has happened, and that day is now. The city is … [Read more]

What documents are needed when applying for a Merchant Cash Advance

When a new merchant comes to us for a merchant cash advance, and decides to move forward with the application process, there are other documents we need to receive in order to correctly underwrite a merchant cash advance. Compared to loan/advance … [Read more]

VIP Stored Value Cards For Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs, and Hotels

Fast Merchant Advance has created a VIP stored value card program specifically geared towards the service industry. A fantastic way to retain clientele, generate new clientele, marketing your business, and generate instant working capital. With this … [Read more]

Gift Cards Programs and Loyalty Cards

Gift cards have become the most popular gift given today. Instead of tirelessly shopping for someone, not knowing what to get them, you can simply buy a gift card, and that person can purchase their own gift. Consumer gift cards were a billion dollar … [Read more]

Merchant Cash Advance Requirements – Who Can’t We Fund?

We’ve written all about what types of merchant cash advances we can do, but haven’t mentioned the types of merchant advances we can’t fund. There are certain industries that we simply cannot work with either because of their … [Read more]

PCI Compliance – Free PCI Compliant Credit Card Machine

We all live in a world where everything is moving from manual processes to electronic. With new technology comes a new responsibility, especially when dealing with sensitive information, such as credit card data from merchant to merchant. With the … [Read more]

Business Cash Advance – Technology Paving the Way for More Profits!

It’s been said that the early bird gets the worm, and that was accurate up until a short time ago. Now, the saying is more like “the techno savvy bird will get that worm”. Today’s business environment is no different. Technology is paving the way not … [Read more]

Merchant Cash Advance – Split Funding to Settle Back Rent

Merchant Cash Advances can be used for a variety of uses, not just expansion and marketing campaigns. In some cases, a business owner will come to us in need of working capital to catch up on past due bills and other debts such as tax liens. … [Read more]

What is the Difference between a Merchant Cash Advance and a Traditional Bank Loan?

There are vast differences between a traditional bank loan and a merchant cash advance. A merchant cash advance, although more expensive is actually much more flexible that a standard bank loan. A bank loan, especially these days is an extremely hard … [Read more]