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Credit Card Processing Loans Helping Businesses Succeed

This has been a great month for Fast Merchant Advance in helping many merchants secure loans against their credit card processing. Some notable accounts we have helped support include:

A new restaurant in New Mexico that needed $50,000 to complete the opening and have a cash buffer while they get established. They used our merchant loan ACH product which is essentially a daily set payment amount over a set amount of time, as opposed to a daily percentage holdback of credit card processing receipts. The fixed payback ACH product allows a business owner to know exactly how much they will be committing to pay back on a daily basis rather then the fluctuations of a daily holdback percentage.

We also helped a restaurant owner in the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona get through the government shutdown .While it would have been very challenging for any merchant to get a fast loan from a bank, we were able to fund this restaurant $60,000 to help meet payroll and other expenses whilst the powers-that-be in Washington DC figured out how to get the government back open.


Last month we had the opportunity to provide a credit card processing loan to Stone Oak Limousine in San Antonio Texas. Our greatest satisfaction in working with a business to help them secure capital is in earning a strong testimonial from them. In general, people are fast to complain about a bad experience, but it takes a very powerful experience to get someone to write something good!

In the case of Stone Oak Limousine, they came to us looking for a merchant cash advance to add more limousines to their fleet. Having more cars equals more opportunity to schedule clients for transportation. The cost of the advance was easily absorbed by the added business additional cars brought in.

Here is the actual email we received from the owner.

I recently used Linda Strutz and her team at Fast Merchant Advance for financing to grow my limo company in San Antonio, Texas. The experience from the initial phone call that was taken by Linda all the way down to the very last call wishing me luck in my business, was nothing short of exceptional. Through the whole process Linda displayed a level of professionalism and courtesy that is hard to come by these days. Every statement that she made to me was true and every timeline she gave me was spot on. From start to finish the process took exactly how long she said it would. I cannot express my gratitude enough for Linda and her teams hard work and consideration for my time. I would strongly recommend using this company if you are seeking this type of financing.

Thank you Linda and Fast Merchant Advance.


Rusty Berlint | Stone Oak Limousine


Fast Merchant Advance will continue to work with business owners to help them grow and prosper through the many different credit card receivable loan products that we have available. And we will continue to strive to earn the testimonials of our satisfied clients!