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PCI Compliance – Free PCI Compliant Credit Card Machine

We all live in a world where everything is moving from manual processes to electronic. With new technology comes a new responsibility, especially when dealing with sensitive information, such as credit card data from merchant to merchant. With the increase of electronic fraud reported, it has now been mandated that we must take extra measures to ensure that each cardholder and effectively each merchant is safe, and secure.

You may have heard the term PCI Compliance more and more recently and there is a reason. The government has now mandated that all merchants have a PCI compliant credit card machine. As a result, all credit card terminal manufacturers have had to make new PCI compliant models. These machines are more secure, and do not store sensitive card or cardholder data, like the old machines did.

We’ve already had merchants advising us that their processors have contacted them advising that they must purchase a new PCI compliant credit card machine. Many processors have been selling these machines to merchants at an extremely high markup. Yes, this is where Fast Merchant Advance comes in the picture. How about a FREE PCI Compliant credit card machine? No, no, you didn’t misread. NOTHING. That is what a you will pay us for a brand new PCI Compliant credit card machine. We will program, and ship the new credit card machine directly to you. This machine will be yours to use, absolutely free as long as you process credit cards with us. And not only that we guarantee to save you money on your credit card processing fees.

In some cases, a merchant may have a more elaborate POS (Point of Sale) system. These systems also serve as inventory management, front of house to back of house communications etc….They are quite expensive, and generally run anywhere from 10 to 20 thousand dollars. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide these for free, but if a merchant absolutely needs to use this type of equipment, the upgrade to PCI compliance can be very expensive. We are more than happy to provide a merchant with merchant cash advance funding to assist in the upgrade or purchase of new PCI compliant POS products. We will even work directly with your POS system resellers to ensure that the new system will be fully, and correctly functional. Another reason Fast Merchant Advance is a great contact in a merchants arsenal.

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