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Reasons To Choose Fast Merchant Advance as Your Merchant Cash Advance Provider

Why does it seem like lately there are hundreds of Merchant Cash Advance companies in business? For example, try this right now, do a GOOGLE search using the term “Merchant Loans” and you will see what I mean.

When Fasts Merchant Advance first became involved in this Industry it was still very much an emerging market. I am amazed at the pace that this industry has blossomed and exploded.

It tells me three things:

  • This is a very viable option for merchants (supply and demand)
  • This concepts truly works or it would not be growing so expeditiously.
  • Fast Merchant Advance is a leader in what we do because we are still here going strong after all these years when countless other companies have folded and disappeared.

hand-shakeFast Merchant Advance has been in the merchant cash advance industry since 2006. We have prided ourselves in the fact that if you search for us in GOOGLE and type in “Complaints against Fast Merchant Advance” or “Fraud by Fast Merchant Advance” you get ZERO hits! That is correct, in over 7 years of being in business and working with thousands of merchants we have not had a single merchant post anything negative about our company! Why? Because unlike all of these hundreds of other competitors we abide by the golden rule principle of: Treating a business owners they way we as business owners wish to be treated.

While on one hand we recognize the fact that the cost of a merchant cash advance is so much more expensive than a traditional bank loan, we certainly understand why it needs to be so. We take all the risk when advancing money to a business. We take no collateral, no traditional personal guarantee signature, and we do not even report to the Credit Bureaus. Therefore for us, its our neck on the line. To offset those merchants that fail to pay back the working capital we have advanced them we must charge higher factor rates then the bank charges in interest rates.

To compensate for that fact, there is something that we do, that to my knowledge none of our competitors are doing, we GIVE BACK REAL VALUE and REAL SAVINGS to help offset the cost of a traditional cash advance product. For example:

  1. Lower credit card processing rates: If we cannot show you a savings then we will provide you a $500.00 GIFT CARD!
  2. A FREE introductory gift card program custom designed for your business!
  3. FREE upgraded machine at no cost. Old equipment? – No problem!

Now I know of no other merchant cash advance company that offers those three value added perks. Also, we do not charge expensive application fees nor do we have closing costs or hidden fees that are billed weeks after the fact like a lot of our “less professional” competitors do.

There is a reason why Fast Merchant Advance has been in business for as long as we have complaint free….its because we are not just business people looking to make a quick buck off of a merchant needing working capital, we are investing in your business, investing in your dreams, investing in your passion to help secure the funds you need to keep you around for many more tomorrows!