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I Own A Restaurant, Can I Receive Merchant Funding?

restaurant merchant fundingLike any other business, restaurants have many side projects, expansions, marketing costs, and/or unexpected costs in running the business.  As such a restaurant can get a merchant funding otherwise known as a merchant cash advance.

For example, after a successful advertising campaign, a restaurant owner received a huge increase in customers. Consequently, with customers having to wait longer and longer to be seated, the owner decided that expanding the seating area would be necessary to keep his customers happy and in turn grow his business.

Next comes the question of paying for the expansion. While the restaurant is doing well, it doesn’t have big enough cash reserves to pay for the project without impacting its daily cash flow adversely.

Applying for a bank loan could take a long time, and credit requirements are much stricter since the mortgage crisis, so it could prove tough to get bank financing.

That’s where a merchant account cash advance comes in. Receiving merchant funding is much easier than you may think. It’s not some crazy hassle and extremely long process to get money for your business. In fact, you could have the money you require in as little as 48 hours from approval.

Fast Merchant Advance has developed a painless process to help get you the money you need, as quick as possible.

Merchant Funding for Restaurants couldn’t be easier, not only will you get the cash you need for your business, but we will offset the cost of the business cash advance by lowering your credit card processing fees.  Need a gift card program and creative ideas to implement your gift cards… we’ve got you covered.

Simply fill out the application form and you will get a reply within 24 hours and a pre-approval over the phone.