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Working Capital for Merchants Looking To Hire More Employees

In the service and retail industry, employees are the backbone of a business. Hiring the right staff to keep the business alive is a not a cheap expense. As a business grows, more employees are needed to continue to ensure the business operates smoothly, allowing the owner to work on growing the business further. A […]

I Own A Restaurant, Can I Receive Merchant Funding?

Like any other business, restaurants have many side projects, expansions, marketing costs, and/or unexpected costs in running the business.  As such a restaurant can get a merchant funding otherwise known as a merchant cash advance. For example, after a successful advertising campaign, a restaurant owner received a huge increase in customers. Consequently, with customers having to […]

Need a Business Line of Credit? Apply for a Merchant Cash Advance.

Recently, credit lines have been drastically cut, directly affecting small businesses. Once a small business may have had a $100,000 line of credit, now they may only have $50,000. This has caused a strain for a plethora of entrepreneurs, making it more difficult for them to keep on running their business. Unfortunately, these credit lines […]

Why You Should Use A Merchant Cash Advance?

More and more business owners are seeking alternate funding sources in 2022 since the banks are still making it challenging for business owners to secure traditional loans or working capital. Alternate funding sources are more likely to approve a business for a cash advance because this is not a traditional loan product but more of […]