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Working Capital for Merchants Looking To Hire More Employees

In the service and retail industry, employees are the backbone of a business. Hiring the right staff to keep the business alive is a not a cheap expense.

As a business grows, more employees are needed to continue to ensure the business operates smoothly, allowing the owner to work on growing the business further.

A merchant cash advance provides working capital for merchants (business owners) looking to cover the initial expenses of hiring new employees until they are fully productive.

Acquiring a merchant cash advance for your business is easy with Fast Merchant Advance. The process much simpler than a traditional bank loan and we do not report to credit bureaus.

Here’s how a merchant advance works: First fill out the online form to the right of this blog post, an experienced representative will contact you within 24 hours to explain the process and pre-qualify you for a business cash advance. We will send you a formal application to complete. Upon approval you would receive the money from us usually within 72 hours.  The merchant advance is paid of with a set percentage of your future credit cards sales each day. This keeps the program flexible to your cash flow.

So get started today and use a merchant cash advance to grow your business today.

Simply go to the application form, fill out your name, phone number, and other required information, and we will be able to take care of the rest rather quickly. We hope to hear from you soon!