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Working Capital for Merchants Looking To Hire More Employees

In the service and retail industry, employees are the backbone of a business. Hiring the right staff to keep the business alive is a not a cheap expense. As a business grows, more employees are needed to continue to ensure the business operates smoothly, allowing the owner to work on growing the business further. A […]

Need a Business Line of Credit? Apply for a Merchant Cash Advance.

Recently, credit lines have been drastically cut, directly affecting small businesses. Once a small business may have had a $100,000 line of credit, now they may only have $50,000. This has caused a strain for a plethora of entrepreneurs, making it more difficult for them to keep on running their business. Unfortunately, these credit lines […]

Why You Should Use A Merchant Cash Advance?

More and more business owners are seeking alternate funding sources in 2023 since the banks are still making it challenging for business owners to secure traditional loans or working capital. Alternate funding sources are more likely to approve a business for a cash advance because this is not a traditional loan product but more of […]

New Orleans is swinging again. Merchant Cash Advances and Gift Card Programs Available

It’s been several years since the disaster in New Orleans occurred. It was hard to believe (then) that the city would ever regain it’s flavor, and become a viable place to live, visit, and play. That day has happened, and that day is now. The city is back on it’s feet, and better than before […]

What documents are needed when applying for a Merchant Cash Advance

When a new merchant comes to us for a merchant cash advance, and decides to move forward with the application process, there are other documents we need to receive in order to correctly underwrite a merchant cash advance. Compared to loan/advance industry standards, Fast Merchant Advance makes this step fairly easy. Banks, as well as […]

Business Cash Advance – Technology paving the way for more profits!

It’s been said that the early bird gets the worm, and that was accurate up until a short time ago. Now, the saying is more like “the techno savvy bird will get that worm”. Today’s business environment is no different. Technology is paving the way not only for new types of businesses, but improving existing […]

Merchant Cash Advance – Split Funding to Settle Back Rent

Merchant Cash Advances can be used for a variety of uses, not just expansion and marketing campaigns. In some cases, a business owner will come to us in need of working capital to catch up on past due bills and other debts such as tax liens. Unfortunately not everyone will qualify for a merchant cash […]

Why Choose Fast Merchant Advance?

There are several merchant funding companies out there. With information available within seconds, and at your fingertips you can easily find a merchant cash advance provider today. Merchant Cash Advance companies may all appear to be quite similar, but there are many differences that keep some ahead of the pack. Merchant Cash Advance companies that […]

What is a Merchant Cash Advance Renewal?

In the Merchant Cash Advance business you may often hear the term, Renewal. What is a Renewal? Basically it’s an open invitation to get more working capital for your business once you have completed paying back a certain percentage of your current business cash advance. Generally, Merchant Cash Advance companies will allow a merchant to […]

Will Bad Credit Affect my Business Cash Advance Request?

Credit in America today is the most misunderstood system of ratings. After all, it’s possible to pay all of your bills on time, and to meet financial obligations, but yet still have bad credit. Bad credit can result from many inquiries to your credit file, can even result simply through the divorce process. 99.9% of […]

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

The Merchant Cash Advance is a relatively new concept in the grand scheme of financial transactions. With the economy in a relative tail spin the last few years, this type of working capital infusion has become integral to the business owner in need of cash. If a business accepts credit cards, they can borrow against […]